ALL Natural | NO growth hormones or steroids | Dry Aged 21 days | Naturally Lean

You can really taste the difference in our home grown, pasture raised beef! Our cows roam on 14,000 acres of wide open Nebraska sandhill grass (see it!) and drink windmill pumped water fresh from the ground. We never use hormones, steroids or animal by-products - only pasture grass, our own harvested ranch hay and natural Nebraskan sun.

Typical beef in the stores is standard grade meat and minimally aged but we like ours dry aged for 21 days to ensure the most tender meat available.

Grain-Finished or Grass-Finished? You get to choose! We offer both grain finished beef and grass finished beef. Adding grain in the last 90-100 days provides the delicious marbling that allows our beef to grade at choice and prime. The grass beef is pasture raised and finished which offers a much leaner meat so we have included a natural flaxseed supplement to increase healthy omega-3's.

Quarters | Halves | Whole Beef

* All deposits are not refundable.

The Process:

  1. Email us with your order for quarters or halves. Provide your contact information and pay your deposit (using PayPal and the Buy Now button below) to reserve your beef. Quarters are a standard cut unless you note otherwise. There may be additional processing charges to customize orders (applicable to half or whole only).

    Quarter of grain finished:

    Quarter of grass finished:

  2. Pay your balance. About 1 week before your beef is ready for pickup, we will have a final beef weight and therefore a final balance.
  3. Pick up your beef. Depending on your location, you will either pickup directly from the butcher in Grant, NE or at our pickup location in Littleton, CO. It will be frozen but we suggest bringing blankets to wrap the bags of beef until you can get home.
Plan on needing about 4 to 5 cubic feet of freezer space for a quarter of beef.

1300 pounds

One of our cows

800 lb carcass

Where various cuts of beef come from on the cow.

440lbs packaged meat

Approximate pounds (whole/quarter)

Steaks 120 / 30
Roasts 60 / 15
Hamburger 240 / 60
Stew, etc. 20 / 5
Pie chart of distribution of cuts

These charts give an idea of the types and amounts of cuts you could expect from a quarter of grain-finished beef.

Actual results will vary; this is only a guide.

Typical Cuts per QUARTER of Beef include:

STEAKS: (standard cut: 1" thickness)

4 Filets ( ½ lb each)
1 Flatiron ( ½ lb each)
8 Strip ( ½ lb each)
6 Sirloins ( ½ lb each)
8 Rib ( ¾ lb each)

ROASTS: ( 3+ pounds each)

4 Rump
1 Sirloin
1 Arm
1 Chuck
4 pks Stew Meat (1+ lb packages)
60 lbs Ground Beef [94/6] (1 lb packages)

Approximate Costs

Grain Finished Beef: $3.80 / pound (based on carcass-weight)

Quarter Half
Carcass Weight 200lbs (approx.) 400lbs (approx.)
Deposit $250 $500
Balance $510 $1020
Total $760 $1520

Finished, priced by the piece:

Premium Steaks: Rib, T-Bone, Filet, Flatiron$14.00 / lb
Quality Steaks: Sirloin, Strip$12.00 / lb
Roasts$8.50 / lb
Stew Meat$6.50 / lb
Ground Beef$6.00 / lb

Grass Finished Beef: $4.80 / pound (based on carcass-weight)

Quarter Half
Carcass Weight 175lbs (approx.) 350lbs (approx.)
Deposit $250 $500
Balance $590 $1180
Total $840 $1680

Finished, priced by the piece:

Premium Steaks: Rib, T-Bone, Filet, Flatiron$16.00 / lb
Quality Steaks: Sirloin, Strip$14.00 / lb
Good Steaks: Round, Cube$12.00 / lb
Roasts$10.00 / lb
Stew Meat$8.00 / lb
Ground Beef$7.50 / lb

* Prices subject to change before deposit without notice.

* We reserve the right to refuse sale to anyone.

Contact Information:

Sales - Littleton, Colorado
The Ranch - 710 North Highway 61, Arthur, NE 69121 View Map
Mackenzie's contact info:
Thank You for your interest in Flying U Cattle beef. We look forward to working with you!
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